Creative Advertising

Specialising in film, entertainment and brand marketing, we work strategically and in partnership with clients to create engaging and memorable campaigns across print, digital and social.

The roots of advertising run deep. We have come a long way since William Caxton printed what would be called Britain's first advertisement in 1477. These days, we're up against a bit more in the marketplace than old Caxton. While this makes everyday office life more exciting, it also requires a lot more effort to stand out in the advertising world. 
We are there for you, to stand by your side and help you with advice and action to reach your customers even better.

We love our job. Nobody at Light Records Entertainment ever differentiates between big and small budgets. The enthusiasm for the project is always the same. Every client benefits equally from our experience, commitment and innovative technologies.  
A lot of effort leads to a lot of honor.

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